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What’s the best vacuum cleaner for home hoovering?

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If you’ve ever hastily typed “which is best vacuum cleaner for home” into your Google search bar, it may be because 

  1.  Your current vacuum bit the dust (we’re so sorry) or
  2.  You just moved into a new place (your first one!) and you need one asap

Vacuums are maybe the under-rated house cleaning tool, ever. It needs to be a work-horse for you: Reliable, easy to handle, and really, really good at sucking stuff up. You should be looking at a new vacuum as a tool that will serve you nearly everyday for five or 10 years. We have to say it but … you get what you pay for. But the trick to a sound purchase you’ll end up using and loving for years comes down to style, need, and accessories. And that’s why this vacuum review is the perfect exercise to help you assess exactly what you need.

FYI: We’re not going to get into built-in vacuums. That’s a different ball-game when it comes to purchasing. But that said, if you have a built-in system but want some kind of quick-clean option for smaller areas, you’ll still get a lot outta this read.


Vacuums are maybe the under-rated house cleaning tool, ever.


 Step 1: Choose your style

No two homes are the same and we each have our own physical requirements when it comes to our vacuum for home cleaning. Start by asking these key questions:


  • What’s your flooring situation? Do you have a lot of carpet or mostly hard surfaces like finished concrete, hardwood, laminate or tile?
  • Do you have kids? 
  • What about pets? 
  • How much storage space do you have for your vacuum cleaner?
  • How often are you going to use it?
  • Who’s using this vacuum cleaner for home cleaning most often? Kids or teens who tend to bang stuff around, or adults who tend to take a bit more time and care with handling?


With all of these points in mind, here are the main vacuum styles to consider:



upright vacuum, cordless vacuum, house cleaning services

Upright vacuums

Things are looking up(right)

If there were a Vacuum Awards, the upright would take the most popular vote by a landslide. These guys are easy to use and rate high in efficiency. The design makes them easy to use and they are usually fairly light weight, making them easy to push and pull. The vacuum head contains a bristle roller that agitates carpets to pull and suck up all that dust and debris. 

They’ll have some kind of removable canister that collects all the stuff it picks up. Some brands do collect your trappings in a removable bag but with others (like Dyson), there’s a second clean-up step to consider: You’ll need to pull off the collection canister and empty it into the trash. This can get a little messy and has a tendency to release fine dust back into the air.

Bonus: Most models come with attachments to help you reach those tougher spots like tight corners. They also come cordless, so no more wrestling with electrical cords or accidentally yanking the cord out of the plug.



canister vacuum, house cleaning service, home cleaning, vacuum cleaner

Canister vacuums

Just can it: The canister alternative

Ah, the classic canister vacuum … you either love ’em or hate ’em. You can’t argue with their efficacy. These vacuums separate the vacuum head from the body and put it on the end of a wand which makes them lighter and more maneuverable than an upright vacuum. The head is shorter than an upright vacuum, making them better for fitting under furniture and cleaning stairs. 

And all that crap you just picked up? It all goes into a handy bag inside the canister compartment so it’s an easy process when the bag is full. You’ll have to keep a stash of replacement bags on hand, but it’s a clean swap of old for new. You can also add a little scent to the filter portion of this vacuum. Just add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil onto the filter portion. 

But–and it may be a deal-breaker–the two-piece construction makes them a little more difficult to move from spot to spot. Depending on who’s doing the vacuuming, your walls may take a beating as the user uses the hose to whip the canister portion around corners and across rooms. Plus, they are larger and require more room to store.



handheld vacuum, dustbuster vacuum, home cleaning, house cleaning

Handheld or stick vacuums

Who’ya gonna call? The Dust-Busters

Dust-busters, aka handheld or stick vacuums, are a great addition to your cleaning arsenal if you find yourself dealing with small areas to clean, often. This means you have minimal carpeted areas and love to give your upholstered furniture those crisp vacuum lines. Dust-busters are battery-powered, easy to move and usually pretty darn light. They just need a nice cupboard or tucked-away space to recharge with a wall-hanging charging port. 

Keep in mind that these little guys are not as powerful as a full-sized vacuum, so consider them a complimentary tool for specific purposes, like cleaning your furniture, small spills, or your car interior.



cat with robotic vacuum

Robotic vacuums

Roomba your rooms

Okay, there are plenty of brands to choose from other than Roomba, but these vacuums do all the work for you! Once you’ve set them up, they will find their way in the rooms of your house using a tracking system while making sure the entire floor gets cleaned. Their low height allows them to maneuver in those hard to reach places. Robotic vacuums are perfect for those with limited mobility if you like more frequent light vacuuming.

Like dust-busters, robotic vacuums aren’t as powerful as a full-sized vacuum cleaner for home, so don’t expect them to pull full-time duty on a large house or give quite as deep a clean. And if you’ve ever seen those social posts about indoor pets and robotic vacuums … well, no further comment needed.


Step 2: To HEPA, or not to HEPA?

Great! You’ve decided which kind of vacuum is best for your home based on your cleaning needs, your storage space, and who’s doing the most vacuuming. The next pressing vacuum review question is HEPA filtration. Do you need a vacuum with a built-in HEPA filter?

If anyone in your household suffers from asthma or dust allergies, this is a great option. They are certified to remove at least 99.97% of harmful particulates from the air, so everyone can breathe easier. While a non-HEPA vacuum might end up recirculating the dust, mould and dander removed from your carpet, a HEPA filtered one will trap nearly all of it.

On the other hand, if you’ve got some kind of separate air filtration system already in your home–either a standalone filter or a built-in one–you may not need another HEPA filter system in your vacuum.


Step 3: How do I accessorize?

In our humble opinion, the more vacuum accessories, the better! When you have a tool for every hard-to-reach spot or specific purpose–like picking up human or pet hair off upholstery–cleaning becomes so much easier. And we love it when things are easier. 

Any good vacuum cleaner for home use comes with the standard brush and crevice tool. However, plenty of vacuums also come with pet hair cleaning attachments or attachments to clean curtains and other delicate areas. Don’t underestimate the value of the type and number of accessories that are available based on brand and style.



Budgeting: Your new vacuum for home doesn’t have to be crazy-expensive, but it is an investment

A vacuum cleaner is an important investment. And goodness knows, the good ones aren’t cheap. We’ve done a vacuum review by type for you here, but brands and features do vary by model so our best advice is to read the latest from Consumer Reports when it comes to a solid and comprehensive vacuum review by brand. Sticker-shock for some of the top brands is for real, so make sure you’re assessing brand quality, warranty options, accessories, and consumer reviews before you decide.

The last thing you want to do is drop a large chunk of change on a vacuum you hate within three months. Do your homework and your new vacuum can be your new favourite tool, we promise.



Why Scrubbi cleaning services uses your vacuum cleaner for home, instead of bringing our own

Vacuums exist to pick up hair, dirt, dust, crumbs, and a heck of a lot of other stuff. Even with a good cleaning in between uses, there’s no better way to ensure a sanitary vacuuming service than using your very own vacuum when we clean your home. A vacuum is kinda like a toilet brush … every home should have one. Use this guide as a starting point to help you make a smart purchase and happy vacuuming!



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