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Meet the Scrubbi Leadership Team

These are the people responsible for making your Scrubbi experience an awesome one


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Daniel Deckert
Founder & CEO

The driving force behind Scrubbi’s incredible expansion, Daniel now oversees the day­-to-­day operations of the company and drives the company vision forward. He’s in charge of making sure that everyone is happy – the staff, the cleaners, and most of all, you.

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Amber Zenone
Manager, Workforce Management

Playing a major role in our Human Resources department, Amber is in charge of our cleaner workforce onboarding and retention. She’s helping to deliver better and happier cleaners, better appointments, and a better Scrubbi. And if you want to know what skin tone and highlights should go with your facial structure, she’s an expert on that too.

employee black and white
employee black and white

Masoud Azampour
Head of Technology

When he’s not developing our AI robot army, Masoud loves to solve the most complex IT problems like scheduling optimization, workforce deployment, and “Why can’t I print on the office printer?” He also loves to talk about car insurance if you have a spare 45 mins.

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Ashley Grant
Operations Manager

When Ashley isn’t helping customers or maids, she’s outdoors powering through local hikes with her husband and dog. She’s also a supreme baker and loves Christmas – making her a major threat to our waistlines in the wintertime. Her soothing voice magically gets locked doors open and the most lost cleaners back on the right path.

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employee black and white

Matt Taschuk
Sales Manager

When he’s not the lead singer of his garage band, Army of Interns, Matt leads the sales team that make it their #1 priority to give you fast, flat rate quotes for your home. It’s his job to make sure that your concierge is giving you a booking experience with Scrubbi that is efficient, informative, and most of all, fun!

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Amrit Virdi
Human Resources Manager

As our Human Resources Manager, Amrit is in charge of employee happiness in the head office. It’s her job to make sure that our staff is content so they can continue delivering great service and support to our customers and cleaners.

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employee black and white

Marcus Molina
President & Marketing Manager

The man behind the wacky emails that you get from us, Marcus is in charge of growing Scrubbi’s customers base and spreading the Scrubbi love. He knows all the crazy tips and tricks on how to clean your oven and will share them with you. He throws in some awesome promotions and holiday wishes for good measure too!

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Brent Demchuk
Lead, Care Team

Brent is our resident table tennis semi-pro and Care Team Lead. He’s a genius when it comes to retention and works very hard to stay on top of the latest trends and practices in keeping workers happy.

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employee black and white

Kendal Nair
Lead, Recruitment Team

As an avid hiker, Kendal is used to overcoming tough conditions in order to meet her goals. As our recruitment lead, she’s responsible for making sure we can meet the demand in our fast growing markets while maintaining the quality of cleaners we bring onboard.

How Scrubbi Works

What can you expect when you book your house cleaning with Scrubbi?

How Scrubbi Works
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