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About Us

How Scrubbi Started

Tired of unprofessional house cleaning services?

You know, the ones that don’t answer your calls, never follow up with your cleanings, or simply don’t show up when they say they would?

If you’ve had cleaning services for a while, you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Scrubbi was created after experiencing first hand the difficulties of finding, booking, and coordinating with private maids and maid services.

From a lack of communication, to missed appointments with no explanation, to rude customer service (or none at all) – those were all factors in deciding that the house cleaning industry needed a disruption (in a good way).

Thus, Scrubbi was born.

At Scrubbi, we actually care about making our customers happy. That’s why, on top of our regular roles, the entire leadership team loves to get involved with customer support on a regular basis. It’s a way to keep in touch with the people who are our #1 priority – YOU.

Meet the Scrubbi Leadership Team

These are the people responsible for making your Scrubbi experience an awesome one


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Daniel Deckert

The driving force behind Scrubbi’s incredible expansion, Daniel now oversees the day­-to-­day operations of the company and drives the company vision forward. He’s in charge of making sure that everyone is happy – the staff, the cleaners, and most of all, you.

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Leslie Jenneson
Onboarding Manager

As a former head chef, Leslie is a natural born leader, using her skills in running a kitchen to be cool under pressure and organized amidst chaos. She brings that out when having to deal with the hundreds of applicants we have each week. She cringes every time someone heats up instant noodles for lunch.

employee black and white
employee black and white

Masoud Azampour
Head of Technology

When he’s not developing our AI robot army, Masoud loves to solve the most complex IT problems like scheduling optimization, workforce deployment, and “Why can’t I print on the office printer?” He also loves to talk about car insurance if you have a spare 45 mins.

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Ashley Grant
Operations Manager

When Ashley isn’t helping customers or maids, she’s outdoors powering through local hikes with her husband and dog. She’s also a supreme baker and loves Christmas – making her a major threat to our waistlines in the wintertime. Her soothing voice magically gets locked doors open and the most lost cleaners back on the right path.

employee black and white
employee black and white

Matt Taschuk
Sales Manager

When he’s not the lead singer of his garage band, Army of Interns, Matt leads the sales team that make it their #1 priority to give you fast, flat rate quotes for your home. It’s his job to make sure that your concierge is giving you a booking experience with Scrubbi that is efficient, informative, and most of all, fun!

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Amrit Virdi
Director of Workforce Management

Amrit oversees the team responsible for the process of selecting and onboarding the wonderful maids that come to your home. It’s her job to make sure that we send you consistently reliable, hard working maids that are totally awesome.

employee black and white
employee black and white

Marcus Molina
Marketing Manager

The man behind the wacky emails that you get from us, Marcus is in charge of growing Scrubbi’s customers base and spreading the Scrubbi love. He knows all the crazy tips and tricks on how to clean your oven and will share them with you. He throws in some awesome promotions and holiday wishes for good measure too!

How Scrubbi Works

What can you expect when you book your house cleaning with Scrubbi?

How Scrubbi Works
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