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Our Story

Scrubbi came to life by seeing a need and filling it better than what was out there in the residential cleaning services industry.

The goal from day one was to provide the best of home cleaning services with a customer-focused experience. From booking your service, during the appointment, and even afterward – we’re excited to give you more than just a house cleaning appointment.

Meet the Scrubbi Leadership Team

These are the people responsible for making your Scrubbi cleaning services experience an awesome one.

Daniel Deckert
Founder & CEO

The driving force behind Scrubbi’s incredible expansion, Daniel now oversees the day­-to-­day operations of the company and drives the company vision forward. He’s in charge of making sure that everyone is happy – the staff, the cleaners, and most of all, you.

Amrit Deckert
People and Culture Manager

As our People and Culture Manager, Amrit is in charge of employee happiness in the head office. It’s her job to make sure that our staff is content so they can continue delivering great service and support to our customers and cleaners.

Nader Abou Chakra
Vice President – Sales and Marketing

As our brand custodian, Nader makes sure we tell our story consistently to our audience. It is his job to generate enough leads to the sales team. He drinks a lot of decaf coffee, and he is a big Pink Floyd fan.

Amy Sork
Sales Manager

What’s the only thing spicier than Amy’s motivational speeches to her team? The spicy fish that she loves to eat! Thanks to Amy’s leadership, our no-pressure style of booking has lead to massive client growth and happy customers during the booking process.

Gulzaar Tejpar
Vice President – Human Capital

As our Vice President of Human Capital, Gulzaar brings a variety of experience in Strategic H.R. Her aim at Scrubbi is to design an HR platform that can support the growth that we have as well as to ensure we are competitive and always remain an awesome place to work. Gulzaar likes to spend her time away from the office generally on a beach somewhere trying to connect to a hockey game from the ocean.

Maybel Alba
Lead, Operations

Maybel is one of the most organized and “cool under pressure” people we know. As the Operations Team Lead, it’s her job to pass along that mindset to her team to make appointments happen and to the quality that customer’s expect of us.

Shaleen Yadav
Vice President – Information Technology

As the mastermind behind our Salesforce strategies, Shaleen constantly innovates, creating functionalities that propel our company into fresh territories. He embodies Arsenal FC’s motto, “Moving Forward”, in both his professional endeavors and personal passion for the team. Whenever he takes a break, you can find him in his Arsenal jersey, always pushing for the next big thing.

Avneet Kaur
Human Resources Lead


How Scrubbi Works

What can you expect when you book your house cleaning with Scrubbi?

How Scrubbi Works

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