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Our Story

Scrubbi came to life by seeing a need and filling it better than what was out there.

The goal from day one was to provide a customer-focused experience. From booking your service, during the appointment, and even afterwards – we’re excited to give you more than just a housecleaning appointment.

Meet the Scrubbi Leadership Team

These are the people responsible for making your Scrubbi experience an awesome one


daniel black and white

Daniel Deckert
Founder & CEO

The driving force behind Scrubbi’s incredible expansion, Daniel now oversees the day­-to-­day operations of the company and drives the company vision forward. He’s in charge of making sure that everyone is happy – the staff, the cleaners, and most of all, you.

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Masoud Azampour
Head of Technology

When he’s not developing our AI robot army, Masoud loves to solve the most complex IT problems like scheduling optimization, workforce deployment, and “Why can’t I print on the office printer?” He also loves to talk about car insurance if you have a spare 45 mins.

employee black and white
employee black and white

Ashley Vivian
Operations Manager

Ashley works hard to ensure the Operations and Customer Success Teams have everything they need to help both our clients and cleaners efficiently each day. She works closely with our other Managers to ensure a high quality and unified experience all around. She’s also a supreme baker and loves Christmas – making her a major threat to our waistlines in the wintertime.

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Matt Taschuk
Vice President – Sales and business Development

Between playing table tennis in the break room and discussing true crime podcasts, Matt spends his days ensuring your Scrubbi booking experience is customer-focused, efficient, and enjoyable. It’s his job to capitalize on growth opportunities and to continually develop what getting a “Scrubbi cleaning” means to ensure that customers always get the best cleaning service available anywhere.. Outside the office he’s spending time with family, shouting at the hockey game on TV, and exploring Vancouver forests.

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employee black and white

Amrit Virdi
People and Culture Manager

As our People and Culture Manager, Amrit is in charge of employee happiness in the head office. It’s her job to make sure that our staff is content so they can continue delivering great service and support to our customers and cleaners.

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Nader Abou Chakra
Marketing Manager

As our brand custodian, Nader makes sure we tell our story consistently to our audience. It is his job to generate enough leads to the sales team. He drinks a lot of decaf coffee, and he is a big Pink Floyd fan.

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Julia Michel
Lead, Care Team

A European adventurer who loves travel, photography, and cooking. She left her nursing career to start a new one halfway across the globe. At Scrubbi, she is in charge of retention and works very hard to stay on top of the latest trends and practices in keeping cleaning professionals happy.

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Amy Sork
Sales Manager

What’s the only thing spicier than Amy’s motivational speeches to her team? The spicy fish that she loves to eat! Thanks to Amy’s leadership, our no-pressure style of booking has lead to massive client growth and happy customers during the booking process.

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Maybel black and white

Maybel Alba
Lead, Operations Team

Maybel is one of the most organized and “cool under pressure” people we know. As the Operations Team Lead, it’s her job to pass along that mindset to her team to make appointments happen and to the quality that customer’s expect of us.

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Brett Pearson
Lead, Customer Success Team

Brett’s role is to always ensure every customer has the best experience possible. He loves developing relationships with clients and staff alike, and relishes having a positive impact on every client’s journey with Scrubbi.

Maybel black and white
Rizak black and white

Rizak Puri
Lead, Recruitment Team

Who makes sure that a skilled and friendly cleaning professional is ringing your doorbell on Scrubbi day? That’s Rizak! As Scrubbi keeps growing Rizak makes sure that an army of cleaning professionals are joining the Scrubbi team so no Canadian will have to go without their Scrubbi appointment. When she isn’t posting on Indeed or training the recruitment team, Rizak is researching the science behind skincare, and respectably participating in the Scrubbi Table Tennis League!

How Scrubbi Works

What can you expect when you book your house cleaning with Scrubbi?

How Scrubbi Works
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