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Why Doesn’t Scrubbi Bring Vacuums, Mops, or Brooms?

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Ever wonder why our Scrubbi professionals don’t bring their own vacuums, mops or brooms?

It is the day of your cleaning service appointment. You have a coffee in hand and are waiting for the cleaner to show up. The doorbell rings, right on time. You open the door, and to your surprise, the cleaner comes without a mop, a broom or a vacuum. But why?

It might be frustrating to you at first, but there are two very important reasons why our Scrubbi professionals don’t bring their own vacuums, mops or brooms.


Reason 1: Cross-contamination

At first glance, a cleaning service company that provides their own vacuum, mop and broom seems like a good idea. They are bringing the tools and that should make your life easier, right?

The answer is simple: Cross-contamination.

Reality is, with their tools they are also potentially bringing germs and bacteria from other homes into yours.

By taking their own equipment, they are exposing your home to outside germs, making your home, well, dirtier.

For example, if a cleaner just came from another home that had pet hair, insect eggs, bed bugs, or any other contaminant from another person’s home? There is a good chance that they will carry contaminants as well. The same goes for a mop or broom.

No matter how well a company tells you they clean their vacuums, always be wary. Most of the time all they do is just empty the vacuum canister. They most likely don’t clean the bottom brushes or disinfect the vacuum since it’s so time-consuming for them.

For people suffering from allergies to domestic animals like cats, dogs or guinea pigs, it is important to keep their house free of allergens. According to the US National Library of Medicine Website: “The allergens can be efficiently dispersed into the environment as animals shed hair and dander, and secrete and excrete fluids. Indoors, the allergens accumulate primarily in different textiles, including carpets, upholstery, mattresses, and curtains where they are detectable for a long time, even after removal of the animal.” Allergens can be easily spread from one environment to another, so it is important to avoid bringing those allergens into your home. Especially if you suffer from allergies or asthma.

Reason 2: Your Home, Your Tools

Another reason is that you probably already have the best vacuum, mop, and/or broom for your house. You have spent hours doing research and reading product reviews before buying the best quality vacuum or mop in the market. To be honest, most cleaning service providers will just go with the lowest cost equipment that might not be the quality your house deserves.

The bottom line: you more than likely have a much, much better vacuum and mop than they do.


Choosing what’s best for you

At the end of the day, it is better for you and your home to choose a company that does not use their own vacuum, broom and mop.

Germs and bacteria find their way to your home hiding in mops, brooms and vacuum cleaners. That’s why our Scrubbi professionals don’t bring vacuums, mops or brooms. We want to minimize exposure to outside germs and prevent cross-contamination in your home, especially when we’re all in a second wave of COVID-19.

It is the reason we advise our customers to leave a broom, mop or vacuum out for the cleaner if you need your floors swept, mopped or vacuumed.

If you want to book or find out more about our awesome house cleaning service, call us 1-877-313-4820 or get your Instant Quote now.


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  1. Russ Pickering Reply

    Good advice. We are a retired couple and finding cleaning the house a big chore.
    Our home is basically clean but needs attending to by a professional once a month.

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