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Are you a stay-at-home mom or a work-from-home mom? Do you feel like you’re constantly juggling your duties and struggling to find time for yourself? If so, you’re not alone. Between work, household chores, and family responsibilities, it’s easy to put your own needs on the back burner. But it’s important to remember that taking care of yourself is essential to your overall well-being. That’s why outsourcing your cleaning to a company like Scrubbi can be a game-changer in showing yourself the love you deserve.


Many people view outsourcing cleaning services as a luxury that only the wealthy can afford. However, outsourcing your cleaning can provide much more than just a clean home. By letting someone else take care of the cleaning, you can free up valuable time to do things that bring you joy and promote self-care. Here are the top self-care activities you can do when you spare the time you spend on cleaning:

1. Exercise Your Way to a Better You

Let’s face it, exercise isn’t always the most fun thing in the world. But getting your body moving can do wonders for your physical and mental health. Not only does it boost your mood and energy levels, but it also helps you maintain a healthy weight and prevent chronic diseases.

So, how can you fit exercise into your busy schedule? By outsourcing your cleaning to Scrubbi, you can free up time to work out. Whether you prefer to hit the gym, go for a run, or take a yoga class, there’s no shortage of ways to get your sweat on. And the best part? You’ll feel like a total badass afterward.

2. Unwind with a Good Book

When was the last time you lost yourself in a good book? If it’s been a while, it’s time to dust off that reading list and get to it! There’s something about getting lost in a great story that can transport you to another world and help you forget about your worries.

With the time you save by outsourcing your cleaning, you can curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea. And who knows, you might just discover a new passion or get lost in a thrilling adventure. So, grab your favorite novel and get ready to escape into a world of imagination.

3. Soak Your Worries Away

Ah, the humble bath. It’s been around for centuries, and for good reason. There’s just something about sinking into a tub of warm water and bubbles that can make all your stress melt away. Plus, taking a bath can help soothe sore muscles, lower your blood pressure, and promote relaxation.

With the time you save by outsourcing your cleaning, you can turn your bathroom into a mini-spa and take a luxurious bath. Light some candles, put on some soothing music, and add some Epsom salt or essential oils to help soothe your muscles and promote relaxation. And if you really want to take it up a notch, throw in some rose petals or bath bombs to make it a truly indulgent experience.

4. Reconnect with Friends

Let’s face it, adulting can be lonely. But with the time you save by outsourcing your cleaning, you can reconnect with the people who make you feel alive. Whether you plan a coffee date, a phone call, or a virtual hangout, connecting with friends can provide a much-needed break from the daily grind. And who knows, you might just make some new memories or have a good laugh.

5. Learn Something New

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, especially when you’re busy taking care of others. But with the time you save by outsourcing your cleaning, you can explore new hobbies or skills that make you feel alive. Want to learn how to paint? Take a class! Curious about coding? Sign up for an online course! The world is your oyster, and the possibilities are endless.

With so many resources available online, it’s easier than ever to learn something new. Take advantage of the time you save by outsourcing your cleaning to invest in yourself. Learning a new skill or hobby can not only help you feel more fulfilled and confident but can also provide a much-needed break from your daily routine.

6. Treat Yourself

Finally, don’t forget to treat yourself! Whether it’s a spa day, a shopping trip, or a fancy dinner, taking the time to treat yourself can provide a much-needed boost to your self-esteem and confidence. And with the time you save by outsourcing your cleaning, you can afford to splurge a little on something that makes you feel good.

In a nutshell, outsourcing your cleaning to a company like Scrubbi can be a powerful way to show yourself the love you deserve. By freeing up valuable time, you can engage in self-care activities that promote your physical and mental well-being. So, whether you choose to work up a sweat, unwind with a good book, or treat yourself to something special, remember to prioritize yourself and the things that make you feel alive. After all, when you take care of yourself, you’re better able to take care of those around you.

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