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Scrubbi’s Commitment to Being Eco-Friendly

Scrubbi has always been an eco-friendly company, even from the very beginning.

Daniel Deckert, the founder of Scrubbi, was very mindful of the impact a business can have on the environment, particularly one involved in cleaning.

That’s because as a house cleaning company, the products that we use can directly affect the environment more than most other companies. The cleaning products we use to clean our client’s homes are mostly washed down the drain and despite the best efforts of wastewater treatment plants, some of the strong and toxic chemicals still enter and pollute groundwater and waterways.

Especially when it comes to cleaning products, there are many out there that contain harmful chemicals that are not even safe for us to breathe in. The constant exposure to these chemically filled products can affect your health and damage the environment. These products can be extremely harmful to not only yourself, but your kids, pets, and other people living in your home.

And even in our head office – the office supplies we use, our energy consumption, and the amount of paper we use all add to the stress being put on the environment.

So as we grew our business, we wanted to focus on finding a sustainable way to grow, while protecting the planet and the environment at the same time.

For us, in order to be sustainable, it was important to invest in companies that are environmentally friendly. That’s why, our contractors are only permitted to purchase and use eco-friendly cleaning products in client’s homes. Green cleaning products clean just as well as chemically manufactured cleaners but use more natural and organic methods of cleaning which are far less harmful.

method cleaners

A few brands that we recommend are: Greenworks, Method, and Seventh Generation. Each one of these brands is very mindful of the impact they have on the environment. These companies emerged after realizing how much the planet needs green products. Each one of them have a rigorous process in place when it comes to manufacturing their products to ensure it’s as eco-friendly as possible while at the same time lessening their carbon footprint.

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At Scrubbi, we are committed to operating with a focus on not creating harm to the environment, and to prevent as much harm from occurring to the environment through our actions. Eco-friendly products promote green living that help to converse energy and also prevent air, water, and noise pollution. It promotes a healthier lifestyle and will improve the environment.

So, when we come to your home you can be rest assured that we are using eco-friendly products with no harsh chemicals that are safe for yourself, your pets, children, and other loved ones. We are mindful of the impact we have and want to make sure it is a positive one. Using green products can help support the healing of our planet. The way we see it, if you are practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle, you are guaranteeing a safer and healthier environment for our future generations to live on.


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