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Scrubbi by the numbers

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As a “techish” house cleaning company, we’re very big on using technology and collecting data for constant improvement on all aspects of what we do, particularly on things that affect our customers.

Part of that process on constant improvement is looking back and taking a deep dive into all the data that was collected.

So we went backwards to about a year ago and found some really helpful insights but, even better, some quirky and fun ones too.

Here are 15 of the most interesting facts about Scrubbi and our customers.


pet friendly cleaning

    1. 65% of You Have Pets

      This was a very surprising number, much higher than we thought?

      We were expecting something closer to 50%

      What does it mean that the majority of you have pets?

      Not really sure to be honest. Maybe pet owners need more help with maintaining a home?

      But it does underline a very important reason why we don’t bring vacuum, mops, and brooms, from home to home – which is to prevent cross-contamination.

      We feel it’s very important to not bring those large items as they’re perfect carriers for ticks, pet hair, and other things going on in a home.

      It also underscores an importance of eco-friendly cleaning.

      With our dogs and cats noses being much closer to the floor, it’s important to use products that are safer for their health.

    1. Shortest appointment: 11 minutes

      Yes, 11 minutes for an appointment – to take out the garbage and check up on the house.

    1. Largest home cleaned; 10,400sqft

      9 bed 8 bath

      This baby in the Vancouver area had 9 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms!! It was HUGE!

      We spread out the clean over a couple of days and it wasn’t easy but it was all worth it when the customer was ecstatic over the results.

      But for our maids, no job is too big, no home is too small.

    1. Smallest home cleaned: 190 sqft

lock box for house cleaning

    1. Approximately 7 Out of 10 Customers Are Not Home

      One thing we hear time and time again is just how happy people are to come home to a clean house.

      And you know what, we can relate.

On the drive home from work, what do we tend to do?

      • Worry about work
      • Worry about dinner
      • Worry about the mess waiting for us when we get home
      • Worry about what we’re doing that night

While we can’t help you with your year-end reports or whip up a 4 course dinner for you and your family, we can remove one of the ongoing worries in your busy life – a clean home.

And it’s all done while you’re at work so it doesn’t inconvenience you in any way.

I do know some customers are wary about leaving out keys which is why we recommend using a lock box. They’re easy to use, very secure, and allows you to give us access to your home while you carry on with your day.

See our article on lock boxes to learn more about how they can simplify your life.

    1. Average home size: 1827sqft

pig not cleaning

    1. How many clients with pigs: 1

      We see all kinds of animals in homes but this was a new one. We didn’t clean the pig pen but, oh man, the smell….

    1. Most common client first name: Lisa (with 77)
    1. Kaitlyn spelling variations: 13

      We knew that the name Kaitlyn was very common but what was really surprising was how many spelling variations there are. According to our records there are 13 variations on the spelling:

      Katelyn, Kaitlin, Caitlynn, Caitlin, Kaitlyn, Katelynn, Katelynne, Catelyn, Catelin, Kaytelyn, Caitlynne, Katelin, Caitlynn

    1. Oldest client: 93 years young


    1. Total support call minutes: 2,700,000

      We spend a lot of time with you rescheduling appointments, adjusting appointments, handling special requests, or just chatting about our favorite Netflix shows.

      We try to make ourselves as available as possible. Here is our contact info just in case you need it:

      Toll Free Phone Number: 1-877-313-4820


      Chat: On our website from 7am to 4pm (PST)

    1. Total voicemails: 40,515

5 star house cleaning

    1. 4.81 out of 5 – Customer Satisfaction

      This is the one number we’re most proud of at the moment.

      It represents the highest customer satisfaction rating we’ve ever had, up from an average of 4.72 for the last 6 months of 2016.

      Yes I realize that’s only a jump of 0.09 but for the number of appointments that we do across Canada (somewhere in the thousands), that HUGE!

      While we can’t help you with your year-end reports or whip up a 4 course dinner for you and your family, we can remove one of the ongoing worries in your busy life – a clean home.

We’re always looking for ways to improve so please keep sending in those reviews.

We realize that in a competitive industry like house cleaning we have to stand out from the rest.

We realize that although our cleaners work extremely hard, they’re not perfect and can sometimes have an off day or two.

We also realize that a cleaning can be difficult the first time we’re in a home.

That’s why we have and stand by our 24 hour service guarantee. Just let us know within 24 hours if you’re not happy with your service and we’ll come back to clean at no cost to you.

    1. Professional athletes we clean for: 5


    1. How many Canadian cities we service: 10

      With our recent expansion to Kelowna, BC this summer, we’re up to 10 Canadian cities nationwide!

      Which comes in handy when you have to move from one city to the other. We’ve had clients buy months of cleaning appointments in one city, seamlessly transfer them to another when they have to move for work or other reasons.

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We’re 120% committed to making your house cleaning experience with Scrubbi the best one you’ll ever have.

We want to know what other house cleaning companies do that you would like us to do. We’d also like to know what would make your Scrubbi experience even better.



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