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24 DIY Ideas To Organize Your Home

24 diy ideas to organize your home

Is there anything more enjoyable than finding new ways to organize your home?

Okay so chocolate is pretty great and sleeping in is too, but feeling smart and organized is definitely in the Top 15.

Every time I do one of these organization hacks at home, I like to pretend that Martha Steward and Macgyver are standing over my shoulder giving me a thumbs up.

I like to pick the ones that are fairly easy and not too expensive – one, I’m no a budget and two,I don’t want to spend an entire Saturday doing carpentry. Ikea furniture gives me enough trouble.

So here is my list of 24 not too difficult, not too expensive, creative, organization hacks. If you do try some out, let me know how you make out. Enjoy!


24 DIY Ideas to Organize Your Home


wrapping paper

Christmas Wrapper Storage

Every Christmas I end up buying way too much wrapping paper. It’s always rolling around behind my closet getting in the way. This DIY hack is a great way to keep your wrapping paper organized! All you need is a wire shelf to keep it together. If you don’t have a wire shelf, you can use a simple piece of scrap wood or even stretching a bungee cord across the area.

paper clips

Binder Clips for Cords

Using binder clips is a great way to keep cords off the floor and out of sight. Clip the wires to the back of your desk or entertainment center.

kids closet

Easy to Reach Kids Closet Rod

Do you need more room in your closet to hang your clothes? You can add another rod in your closet by using pvc pipe and some rope. This is perfect for adding more room to hang your clothes and for little kids who can’t quite reach the top bar. You can also use a tension shower curtain rod that way you can adjust the height as needed.


Picture Frame Sewing Organizer

If you’re into sewing, you’re going to love this next one. You can use picture frames to organize and store thread, twine and rope.

pink baskets after1

Versatile Wire Baskets

Do you own a lot of purses, scarves and other accessories? You can easily store these items and save space by using command hooks (or screw hooks), and hanging a wire basket on the back of your closet door.

tp rolls

Toilet Rolls for Wires

I always have a lot of wires and cords scattered around the house. Using toilet paper rolls is a great way to organize any chords you have laying around! You can get creative and even decorate them yourself or with your kids.

shoe storage

Hanging Baskets

If you have extra hand towels in the bathroom you can use a basket to store them. Hang the basket on the towel bar by using S hooks or by attaching zip ties. You can use this to store any extra things you have such as, kid’s toys, cleaning supplies etc.

shoe organizer

Shoe Organizer Hack

Shoe organizers are great for storing so many different items. You can hang them behind your closet door or anywhere in the house. It can be used to organize jewelry, household cleaners, craft material, toys etc.

DVC Coffee Table 10

Wooden Crates

Wooden crates make a great antique looking coffee table! Just attach the crates to a large board and add casters. This will also give you some room to store things such as books.


Plastic Tub Kitchen Storage

Use a plastic tub to store kitchen items. This is an awesome way to keep your cupboards organized and clutter free!


Bungee Cord Organization

Do you have a lot of extra stuff laying around the garage? Well, you can use bungee cords to keep your garage more organized. Bungee cords can be used to corral balls in the garage. Bungee cords are a real deal to organize your home.

ribbon storage

DIY Ribbon Dispenser

If you’re like me and have a lot of ribbons, this is a great way to keep them organized and easy to use! You can make your very own ribbon dispenser by using soda bottles. All you have to do is cut the top off of two bottles, squish the two bottom halves together and cut a slit in the side. To keep them together, use rubber bands to keep the ribbon ends in place.


Hair Tie Organizer

A great way to organize your hair ties is with a carabiner. To make it more efficient, you can attach a hook to the inside of a cabinet to keep them easily accessible.


Adding Shelves to Inside of Closet Door

By adding shelves you can easily organize books, games, cleaning supplies etc. Add shelves to the inside of a closet door or even in the pantry for spices and kitchen supplies.


Shoe Hangers

Do you have shoes scattered around in a closet? Well, you can use wire hangers to keep them organized! Bend the hangers like the ones in the photo below and decorate using whatever you like!


Kids Art Display

By using clipboards you can keep your kids art work from getting out of control. Make a fun art display and allow your kids to change the work whenever they like!

scrubbi organize your home drawer dividers

Drawer Divider

If you want to keep things organized in your drawers, use shoe boxes to create dividers. All you need to customize your drawer is shoe boxes and scissors. Cut the boxes in half by length or width, as needed for your space and then tuck it into a drawer.


Dry Erase Frame

Use a picture frame for a dry-erase board. Use a pretty scrap of fabric or wallpaper, frame it and hang in a high traffic area. Use a dry-erase marker to write down reminders on the glass. You can even attach the marker to the frame with a ribbon!


Velcro Your Teddy Bears

With a few strips of Velcro you can keep those teddy bears off the ground! Attach half of each strip to the back of each stuffed animal and the other half to the wall. Use the soft side of the Velcro on the toys to avoid any scrapes.


Step Ladder Bedside Table

Use a small stepladder as a bedside table. Use this to put your lamp, cell phone, water, or whatever you would like on it!

scrubbi organize your home file-scissors-tweezers_gal

Handy Magnetic Strip

Use a magnetic strip to put on the inside of the medicine cabinet to hold tweezers, bobby pins, and any other grooming tools.

scrubbi organize your home key-hanger_gal

Picture Frame Key Holders

Picture frames are so useful for so many different things. To keep your keys from going missing, use an old frame and ditch the glass. Instead, cover the backing with fabric, wallpaper, or paint. Attach some hooks and voila! You have your very own key organizer.


Wine Rack Wall Organizer

Create your own wall organizer by hanging an unused wine rack on the wall. You can use this to hold rags, tools, chords etc.


Tension Rod Organizer

Use a tension rod to store cleaning products! Attach a tension rode in the cabinet underneath your bathroom or kitchen sink. Hook on the items that you use most often such as sprays, scrubbers etc., for instant access.


Organize Your Home — Korean Style

With a few deep cleaning tips n tricks, you can get your home organized and clean. Here are some Korean style cleaning tips to get your home clean. Afterall a clean home is a foundation of your peace and tranquil. At Scrubbi we want you to come home to a clean house, always.




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  1. Life can be a complicated mess, but your home doesn t have to be. If you ve been struggling to keep your home organized, try putting your home, and your life, back together with these 24 DIY organization ideas.

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