One Of The Biggest Benefits Of A Professional House Cleaning Service

December 7, 2016

finding good housecleaners


Finding good help can be hard.

As most of you in HR or management already know, finding good help can be hard.

You go through a giant stack of resumes to get to a list of maybe 5 to 10 people that you want to interview, do the actual interview (or two) for each candidate, and then finally decide.

It’s a lot of work and very time consuming – and even then the candidate you select might not be the right fit.

Now imagine having to do this to find a housecleaner on your own on top of your regular job and other commitments?

This is why people choose to go with maid services like Scrubbi – to save them time and find them great house cleaners.

This is one of the biggest benefits that people don’t think of when choosing between house cleaning options.




One of the secrets to our success.

At Scrubbi, we have the knowledge and experience to find great cleaners for you.

We’ve literally hired close to a thousand maids throughout Scrubbi’s existence.

Each week we receive and sort through maybe 200 resumes Canada-wide.

Many have varying degrees of experience and maybe their resumes will have mistakes here and there but we search through them all to find the best ones.

We ask for background and police checks, evaluate the candidates on personality, and put them through a couple of interviews asking tough questions that only well-experienced maids can answer well.

We then put them through some test cleans to see if they’re actually as good as they say they are.

Only then do we schedule them for one or two appointments, watching closely to see how well they do on their first few reviews.

So by the time you see most of our cleaners, it’s not uncommon that we would’ve already spent up to 10-15 hours vetting that one.

And that’s just for the ones that make it.

Many more hours are spent beyond that filtering out the ones that didn’t make it.

We know it’s a rigorous process but we believe that in the long run it provides you with a better cleaning experience.

But most importantly, we take the burden off your shoulders for finding a reliable, knowledgeable cleaner that can consistently clean your home.

Sickness, vacations, or “just not feeling like it” are no longer an obstacle to having a clean home.

Keeping our customers happy is one of the main reasons why we’ve grown as fast as we have and why people continually recommend Scrubbi to their friends and family.


Ask for a pressure-free quote.

If you’re not 100% happy with your current house cleaning provider, give Scrubbi a try.

We’re confident that with our friendly, experienced maids, top notch customer service, and 24 hour service guarantee, you’ll be happier the sooner you did.

Just give us a call at 1-866-978-5808 and hit option 1 or reply to this email to ask for a quote.

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