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“Do I need to be home for my cleaning?”

One of the most common questions we get is “do I need to be home for my cleaning?”

This may sound like a cop-out but it’s true: it’s entirely up to you!

We of course, wouldn’t want to inconvenience you and force you to leave your own home for a few hours while we’re there.

Our maids are more than happy to work around you and your situation. At most, you might be asked to move to another part of the house while they clean the area you are in.

That being said, most of our clients are not home anyways as we clean their homes during the day while they’re at work.


But what do our maids prefer?

I think what people really want to know is, “What do your cleaners prefer?”

The truth is, our maids really don’t mind either way whether you’re home or not.

They’re used to working in different conditions and are focused on the job at hand.

(In one case they didn’t even know the client was at home in the basement for the last 2 hours until it was time to clean it!)

The only time that it can be uncomfortable for our maids is in cases where people are hovering over their shoulder as they clean.

In fact, we’ve had situations where clients would go room to room with the maid as she cleans, essentially scrutinizing over every wipe that they make.

This is when it gets tough.

It’s a little hard to do things right when someone is watching your every move and scrutinizing it. It also makes our maids nervous and on edge.


So what should you do?

If you work from home or you happen to have days off when your house is being cleaned and want to stay home, then feel free to stay and let us work around you.

But if you have things to do during the day, don’t feel like you have to rearrange your day or make special plans to be home.

The main benefit for hiring a housecleaning service is that you have more time to do other things, which you can’t really do if you’re following us around the house.

A cleaning service should make your life easier and allows you to do the things you really want to do.



  1. Thanks for sharing infomation

    • Scrubbi Author
      scrubbi Reply

      Thanks for reading Eric!

  2. I”m sorry, but I do not think the maid”s keys should even work if you have the privacy latch turned from the inside. Security should have cards to do this, but not the maids. If management or security needs to check the room, they should call before just showing up. I was trying to nap one time when I had a late checkout approved and the maid knocked, but before I could react and get to the door, she was already letting herself in. The secondary chain kept the door from opening all the way, but I was really irritated at being disturbed. They wouldn”t be able to clean the room until I left any way.

    • Scrubbi Author
      scrubbi Reply

      Hello! This article is more in relation to residential home cleaning rather than hotel cleaning, but we absolutely agree with you about maid’s key cards not opening the secondary latch in hotels. That should just be for security like you said. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Paul Reply

    looks like a great company to work for

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