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“Having Scrubbi Clean My Home Seems Much Like The Equivalent Of Getting A Home Makeover!”


What did Mom Blogger Chanelle Holder have to say about Scrubbi experience?

Maintaining a house in order is not an easy task. That’s especially true for those of us with small kids. Caring for young children while trying to keep up with all the housework requires energy and time.

And let’s be honest, time is a luxury when you’re raising a family.

Between preparing healthy meals, playdates, school engagements, laundry and other house chores, the hours seem to fly by.

For Chanelle Holder, the mommy blogger behind Maturing Mama, having half of her family with the flu didn’t help.

She scheduled a house cleaning with Scrubbi and discovered the many benefits of having your house professionally cleaned. In turn the house cleaning turned into an home makeover.

The mother of two from Surrey, BC, wrote about her experience: “Having Scrubbi clean my home seems much like the equivalent of getting a home makeover! I had no idea the quality of our living space until every inch of it was cleaned.”

Scrubbi is always happy to help and contribute to making your life easy.

You can read Chanelle’s full story on her post Finally I Can Be A Mom NOT The Maid – Scrubbi Home Cleaning

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