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Consider this famous witticism by Albert Einstein: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. While we don’t recommend his hair products, he was pretty bang-on about a lot of other stuff. So, let’s dive into this idea a little deeper to explore a key question: Hiring a house cleaner vs. cleaning yourself … what’s best?

Ask yourself why you’ve said no to house cleaning help in the past. Then dig deeper

Maybe you were saying no because you’ve never hired or had a house cleaner before. Like, ever in your life, so the very idea seems almost contrary. Or maybe you’ve always figured you (and your family) should be able to manage the house work without help. But if you’re feeling pressed for time, or low on energy and motivation, or resentment over a disproportionate workload is creating rifts in your relationships with your housemates (partners and kids included) … then continuing to “do things the way you’ve always done them” just isn’t working for you.

Enter: The opposite theory.

It’s different than reverse psychology. Opposite thinking means you are making a conscious decision to act in a way that is contrary to what you would normally do or feel compelled to do. “Doing the opposite of what you might normally do can help disrupt the well-worn pathways in your brain,” says psychologist and founder of the Berkeley Wellness Institute Tchiki Davis. “Try this strategy when you’re feeling stuck and want to make some positive changes in your life.

“By doing the opposite, we confuse our brains and begin to break up our patterns. I admit, it can feel weird to do the opposite, and may even feel like it goes against who we are. But what we have been doing has not been making us happy. So, just try it. For a while, just try to do the opposite, and see how your brain changes.” – Tchiki Davis, MA, PhD

Compare DIY cleaning vs. professional cleaning: Does a cleaner clean as well (or better) than I can?

That’s subjective, of course, and not all cleaners are the same. But when you opt to hire a cleaning company with longevity and a proven track record, you can feel confident you’ll get the clean you hoped for. Even if you don’t get the same cleaner every single appointment, standardized cleaning checklists and helpful customer service can ensure your experience is consistent. The best companies also offer you a guarantee and will send another cleaner back to you to re-clean any missed areas within days of letting them know of the problem.

You should also make sure the cleaning company you hire has an online portal where you can manage your appointments online, leave any specific notes about areas that might require extra attention, or areas you would like the cleaner to leave alone on any particular day. If you want a run-down on home cleaning service cost analysis, make sure to give this a read.

More tips for finding a reliable home cleaning service

First, determine what’s most important to you in a house cleaning company. There are so many things to consider but make a quick list and note things like:

  • Service guarantees
  • Cleaning checklists
  • Cleaning products used
  • If cleaning supplies are provided
  • Cancellation or rescheduling policies
  • How cleaners are trained and vetted
  • Home cleaning service frequency and options
  • How the company manages cleaning homes with pets
  • Eco-friendly home cleaning options

You can also research cleaning companies online using public reviews. The best reviews to give greatest weight to are not the 5-stars or the 1-2-stars – instead, focus on 3- and 4-star reviews as those are most likely to offer a more well-rounded summary of the reviewer’s experience. Also, give the company a call and test the vibe. Does it sound like the person on the other end of the line is distracted … maybe even cleaning someone’s house while trying to answer a call? Do you just get a good or not-so-good feeling about the conversation? Is the person answering your questions professional, courteous, knowledgeable, warm?

Hopefully, all of the above.

Happy house cleaner hunting – just remember: You come first.

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