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Give the Gift of Time

Give Scrubbi gift cards are perfect for anyone who loves to relax — including you.


What are Scrubbi Gift Cards for?

The gift card can be applied to all cleaning packages and appointment types. See the cities page for what regions we service.

Purchasing a Scrubbi Gift Card

Your gift card will be issued automatically. If purchasing for a friend, we will send you a copy of the email for you to gift personally.

Receiving a Scrubbi Gift Card

After purchase, a copy will be sent to the recipient on the selected date. If no date is selected, then the copy is sent immediately.

What if there are not enough funds to complete a purchase?

The remaining amount required can be paid with a credit or visa debit card.

How to Redeem a Scrubbi Gift Card

You can redeem a gift card by calling our toll-free number 1-877-313-4820 and a concierge will assist you.

Can I refund a Scrubbi Gift Card?

No. Once purchased, gift cards cannot be refunded.

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