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9 fall trends to love (or hate) in 2022

What styles are trending for fall 2022?

Last year, skinny jeans and leggings were the winter fashion go-to and Starbucks ditched the Eggnog Latte that last move left people shook. Surely, Pumpkin Spice is too sacred (and sales-friendly) to take off the menu, but it got us thinking … What are some home-based fall trends for 2022? And which ones would you Control-Alt-Delete in a heartbeat? Welcome to Scrubbi’s Love It or Hate It List, Fall 2022. Some of these will be keepers and some will need to slip silently into oblivion – but you get to choose!


Patio-chic potential: Mum’s the word. Love or hate?

What are the colours for fall 2022? As usual, Chrysanthemums of yellow, red, yellow seem to be a staple on front porches and patios throughout the fall. And for good reason: the colours are on point and they prefer cooler temps. But are they overdone? You decide.


Full fall flavour: Apples and oats. Love or hate?       

Apples are officially in season and at their crispy best. They’re also challenging pumpkin for top spot in our foodie hearts. So the real question is, what’s gonna be on the Thanksgiving table: A scrumptious apple pie with an oat-flour-butter-cinnamon crumble top, or a perfect pumpkin pie with a dollop of whip?


Interior flair: Inspo from nature. Love or hate?

To be clear, to hate does not mean you hate nature or even decor ideas that give a nod to nature. But you might hate the idea of hollowing out a butternut squash to turn it into a flower vase. (photo: HGTV)


Patio-chic potential: Hay bales. Love or hate?

Full bales or carefully-arranged bunches … either apply. Perhaps add in a whimsical mini-wheelbarrow or two, and some pumpkins or coloured corn? You know, the kind of stuff that packs the seasonal section of your local Michaels store.


Full fall flavour: All-Canadian maple. Love or hate?

Classically Canadian, the maple flavour isn’t just for pancakes. Sure, think sweet like maple buttercream icing and maple cookies, but also savoury, like maple-glazed salmon or maple bacon. Mmmmmm, bacon … 

Interior flair: Checkerboard patterns. Love or hate?

Experts are calling classic checkerboard patterns timeless and fresh, and should find its way into your textiles like rugs and bed linens, towels, ceramics, throw pillows, blankets, decorative trays … the list goes on. So, are you going with the gingham, oui ou non?

Patio-chic potential: Ghost pumpkins. Love or hate?

No, not a carved or painted orange gourd – actual grey pumpkins called Ghost Pumpkins, which can be used to create a calmer fall feel with lighter tones. Think Kim Kardashian Halloween decor style circa 2019. Like a Halloween-meets-farmhouse-chic mash-up, maybe? 

Full fall flavour: Beefed-up butter. Love or hate?

We’re talking classic herb butters all the way to funkier flavours like cranberry, jalapeno honey butter, and bacon butter. Sound yummy? A collection of these recipes and more are right here if you’re thinking this on the fall trends worth trying out.

Interior flair: The terracotta pumpkin table-topper. Love or hate?

It’s the home decor of the season this year: Rustic and cute. If it’s love for you on this one, here’s how you can skip the trip to Pottery Barn and make your own, courtesy of The Pioneer Woman

The one thing that never goes of style

We’ve swung from super-skinny, need-to-lie-down-on-your-bed-to-zip-them-up jeans to the wide-leg trouser fashion in the blink of an eye. Apples will continue to battle pumpkin and maple in the fight for fall flavour supremacy. And seasonal tchotchkes–some cute, some not–are popping up on front porches, in kitchens, and on dining room tables, nationwide. 

But no matter how you decorate your home, one thing remains true: House cleaning around any kind of seasonal decor can add extra work to your already-taxed time commitments. 

So don’t do it. Stay out of the trap that whispers in your ear “it’s my house, I have to take care of the whole thing by myself.” That trap is most definitely on the Hate It side of this fall exercise. Explore done-for-you home cleaning services instead, so you can actually sit and enjoy your Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Hope we’ve given you some fun ideas for fall trends and have you running out to the store to grab those apples and oats!




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