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Easy to Make DIY “Pupsicles” for Dogs


Why should humans get all the fun?


With these easy-to-make “pupsicles”, your dogs can enjoy a cool frozen treat just like you.

They’re nutritious and refreshing and much better for your pets than the store bought ones we usually give to ourselves.

Today’s Pupsicle recipe post comes courtesy of Amy Dyck of Homes Alive Pets, a local family owned pet store in Edmonton and Lethbridge, offering naturally healthy pet food and supplies.

It’s easy to make these “pupsicles” – all you need are three food ingredients, some plastic popsicle moulds, and about 2-3 hours for the popsicles to freeze.

And just like that your dog gets a cold healthy treat that’ll help him or her cool off on a hot summer’s day.

And did I mention that they’re incredibly easy to make?




What You Need

  • 1 can of wet dog food (Paté works best)
  • The same amount of Primal Raw Goat Milk (available at Homes Alive physical locations)
  • Small rawhide stick for the “handle”, or an alternative, such as natural dog chews
  • Popsicle Moulds





1. Dump the can of wet dog food into a bowl.

Dog Food Alternatives

Instead of dog food you can also try one of these other healthy alternatives:

  • Canned Tripe (such as PetKind Tripett) for protein and other benefits
  • Canned pure pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) for sensitive stomachs, constipation, or diarrhea relief. Pumpkin can also help some dogs with coprophagia, but it must be fed to all dogs in the household.




2. Fill the empty dog food can with goat’s milk, and mix that with the dog food until well-blended (see below).






3. Spoon or pour the mixture into your popsicle moulds.

To Make It Easier to Remove the “Pupsicles” Later

Spray the moulds with cooking spray for easier removal later on.




4. Add a small rawhide stick or alternative for the handle.



5. Leave in the freezer until fully frozen, about 2-3 hours.




6. Remove a popsicle from the mould and give to your dog.



He or she will absolutely love it (and you) for this really cool, refreshing, and healthy treat. Just look how happy Charlie is with his “pupsicle” (see below).

diy-dog-popsicles 2



Thanks to Homes Alive Pets for today’s post. Check out their blog for more great pet tips and features. If you love your pets and care about the quality of your pet’s nutrition and supplies, then we think you will love Homes Alive Pets.

And just in case your dog has too much ice cream and has a little accident on your carpet or rug, make sure to have a look at our 3-Step Method for Cleaning Pet Stains from Carpet post.

Homes Alive Pets is a locally owned and operated Edmonton pet store selling natural healthy pet food and supplies. Check out their online store for great deals.



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