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The Reason – Scrubbi Do Not Bring Mops, Vacuums, or Brooms?

cross contamination

If you’ve called Scrubbi before and gotten a quote from us you’ve probably heard us say that we DO NOT bring a vacuum, mop, or broom to house cleaning services.

Sometimes we get the natural follow-up question of, “Why not?”

The real simple answer is this: cross contamination.

For example, would you want your cleaner to use a vacuum that had just sucked up pet hair, insect eggs, bed bugs, germs or any other contaminant from another person’s home, in yours? The same goes for a mop or broom, there’s a good chance that they will carry contaminants as well. It’s something that I’m sure you wouldn’t want in your home – and that’s one reason why we don’t do it.

The other reason is that 99.9% of our customers all own a vacuum, mop or some other tool to clean their floors anyway, so we felt that it wasn’t a need.

No matter how well another company tells you they clean their vacuums, always be wary of them using their own vacuums. Most of the time all they do is just empty the vacuum canister. They most likely won’t bother cleaning the bottom brushes or disinfecting the vacuum.

As much as possible, get them to use yours. That way you can ensure that there’s no cross contamination from someone else’s home into yours (or from yours to someone else’s) and gives you peace of mind.



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