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Christmas Advent Calendar Roundup: 5 Unique, Festive, & Fun Ideas

5 Unique Advent Calendar Ideas


Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is coming! Time to get into that Christmas spirit and get creative! It’s always fun being creative and having projects to do on your own, as a couple, or with your kids. Since Christmas is around the corner, why not create your very own advent calendar!

Here are some cool Christmas fun ideas I found with its respective link so you can learn how to make it step by step.




For each day in the advent calendar have a recipe that you want to try. On the first day for example, you can make Christmas themed cupcakes! Of course you’ll want to mix it up between desserts, appetizers, and main dishes, as having desserts everyday can’t be good for your waistline (I have a sweet tooth and even I think that would be too much). If you have small children this is almost guaranteed to be lots of fun for them!

Print, Cut, Celebrate: Cupcake Pan Advent Calendar



Adventure Time

Get everyone in your family involved and have them write down an activity that they want as part of their Christmas fun ideas. Have them write down each suggestions on a piece of paper, fold them in half, and put them in a box. Open one up each day. Whatever activity the card reads, you have to do!

This is a great website where you can create these boxes as well as ideas of what to put in there: The advent of Christmas and other things

Or use this link:


christmas fun ideas Advent 2

Pin the Ornaments

In a box, bag, or bucket, put in an ornament for each day. You can use old jewelry boxes or make your own boxes! A great idea would be to use old Christmas cards and make boxes out of those! You can also use bags like this one below:

DIY Wall Mounted Advent Calendar



For her

You can design this with her favourite colour, Christmas activity or whatever she likes. In each flap (or whatever you choose) put in a small gift. For example, lipstick, nail polish, toys, eye shadow, pencil crayons etc.



christmas fun ideas

For him

Christmas fun ideas would be the same as above, but for a guy! You can put things in like, toy cars, mittens, cufflinks, a tie etc.

DIY Drawstring Bag Advent Calendar


No matter what you choose to do, remember to explore, be creative, and have fun!!!


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