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Can House Cleaning Make You Happy?

(Note: Name and other personal info has been changed to protect the privacy of the customer)


Can house cleaning make you happy? Sam started off as being skeptical.

With her being a sales manager and her husband James a small business owner, both of them were way too tired to do any chores at the end of a long work day. All they wanted to do when they got home was relax, have dinner, and spend time with their kids (5 and 7 years old). Neither of them wanted to clean bathrooms or mop floors after going through the stresses of work. On Saturdays or Sundays they would try to wake up a bit earlier to give the house a general clean, but for the most part, weekends were reserved for family activities and seeing family or friends. As time went by, the house chores continued to get neglected and it got harder for them to maintain the home.

After getting sick of looking at the messiness of their home every day, Sam knew they needed to do something about it. A friend had recommended using a house cleaning service and the thought seemed like the dream solution – pay someone and your house magically gets cleaned while you’re at work! In the back of her mind though, Sam just couldn’t bear the thought of paying someone to do something that she could (and maybe even should) do herself.

Until she realized she had neither the time nor the motivation to actually do it herself.

“I realized that with our lifestyle, we would never have the time to clean our house properly,” said Sam. “With our kids so busy with activities and our social life, we knew we couldn’t, and didn’t, want to do it ourselves.”

So Sam took the plunge and hired a house cleaning service. Scrubbi came recommended to her by a friend and she’s glad she did.

“Scubbi’s been great. The customer support is there whenever I need to change an appointment and the cleaners are really good. Everyone at Scrubbi is super friendly.”

How has life changed with a house cleaning service?

“Before it used to really bug me when I saw dust on the shelves or crumbs on our hardwood floors. It felt like everyone else was ignoring the situation except me. I felt like I was the only one really concerned about maintaining the home and it was very frustrating,” says Sam.

“Now that we hae Scrubbi come in every two weeks, my mind isn’t distracted with mess anymore. Plus it’s so convenient to come home and have all the cleaning done for you. After a long day at work you don’t want to have to worry about bathrooms being cleaned or shelves being dusted. I feel much more relaxed now.”

Now that she’s had a house cleaning service for a while, can she imagine going back to doing it herself?

“Not in a Million Years!” laughs Sam. “The day the cleaner comes in is one of my favorite days of the week. We’re even thinking of upping the service from bi-weekly to weekly. It just feels real good to come home to a clean house.”


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