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7 Surfaces to Disinfect in the Home and Office

Invisible Invaders Around Your Workspace When it comes to maintaining proper hygiene like washing your hands regularly with soap and water, you might be thinking you’re pretty clean. After all, you don’t see any dirt. Unfortunately for you, most microorganisms

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The Benefits of Deep Cleaning Your Home

The Benefits of Deep Cleaning Your Home Never has there been a time where cleanliness has become such a hot topic. From official government news, social media posts, to daily news stories, everyone’s talking about how to properly wash our

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Sticking to New Year’s Resolutions

Sticking to New Year’s Resolutions(Home Cleaning Edition)   It’s exciting and maybe a little too quick, but it’s true – 2020 will be here soon. (Or it’s here already, depending on when you read this.) Is keeping your house clean

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5 Main Reasons to Love Winter

5 Main Reasons to Love Winter Do you prefer the breath of autumn with all those crunchy leaves and combinations of green, brown, and orange? Now that we have reached December, we believe that no matter what your favourite season

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