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Back-to-School Cleaning: The Great Canadian House Refresh!

Ah, the joyous sounds of school bells ringing! For most Canadian parents, this isn’t just the sound of education; it’s the unofficial starting bell for the annual “Back-to-School Cleaning Marathon”. A summer filled with kids means sand trails from beach days, the random branches and treasures from camping, drying swimsuits becoming patio decor, and toys in places you’d least expect. Time to roll up our sleeves and get started.

The “Treasure” Filled Living Room

We’ve all experienced it – discovering LEGO bricks in the couch cushions or a doll under the coffee table. But now’s the time to declutter. Start by collecting all out-of-place items and sort them. Vacuum thoroughly, paying special attention to crevices. Don’t forget to check under the furniture; who knows what artifacts from the summer escapades you’ll find.

 Kitchen Chronicles

Who knew the kitchen could become a pseudo sandbox? From beach outings to cookie-making extravaganzas, this place has seen it all. Start with the countertops, wiping down all surfaces and appliances. Clean out the fridge, checking the depths of each shelf for any forgotten experiments. Mop the floor with a good disinfectant; this will remove both grime and memories of those indoor picnic spills.

Bedroom – Theirs and Yours

While their room might look like a tornado hit after a full summer, let’s face it, they’ve invaded your peaceful abode too. Check under beds for stray clothes, toys, or books. Sort out closets and donate unused items. For your bedroom, it might be more about reclaiming your space. Freshen up bedding, dust off surfaces, and maybe even consider some aromatic candles for a fresh start.

Patio and the Eternal Drying Swimwear

Wet swimsuits, towels, and summer crafts might’ve taken over your patio. Clean and store away summer toys and gear. Sweep and mop the area. For those stubborn dried leaves or twigs, a good brush works wonders. Also, check for any residual water damage, especially around the spots where wet clothes might have been left out.

 The Overlooked Garage

Perhaps the final frontier of summer memories: camping gear, hiking shoes, and maybe a forgotten inflatable or two. Organize tools and equipment. Hose down dirty gear, like bikes and outdoor toys, before storing them properly. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll finally find that other flip-flop!

And voila! After what seems like a whirlwind Back-to-School cleaning spree, your home is ready to take on the autumn. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed or just don’t have the time between school runs and work, remember there’s no shame in calling in the professionals. Let a professional cleaner tackle the remnants of your family’s summer adventures and make your home truly shine


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