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7 Tips for Moving During Winter



Most people wouldn’t think of Winter as a great time to move but sometimes you just don’t have a choice.

Maybe you got a new job and have to move for work, or maybe your situation changes and you need to downsize (or upsize) your home.

Or maybe you just like a good challenge.

Well no matter what your reason is, we understand and are here to help.

As a Canada-wide house cleaning service, we’ve seen all types of Winter move ins and move outs and we’ve also seen the good and the bad.

So here are 7 of our best Winter moving tips that you probably never thought of (until it was too late).


Watch the Weather & Expect Delays

While it’s true that moving rates are cheaper during Winter, a sunny Winter day can quickly turn into a snowstorm wrecking havoc on anything you might have scheduled.

That’s why it’s important to keep track of the weather throughout your move. Get weather updates sent to your phone or go old school and listen to the radio. You’ll also want to keep track of traffic conditions for any major accidents or road closures.

Either way, be prepared to split your one-day move into two days, or possibly even more, especially if you have to make multiple trips back and forth from your old home to your new one. That means don’t procrastinate and leave it all for the last day.


Cancel/Disconnect Utilities

Call your utility and services companies ahead of your moving day to give them the heads up that you’re moving. Just tell them the date that you’re moving and other details so they don’t cut off your power, or gas or other services, that you might need that day. You don’t want to freeze or have no electricity for lights while you’re moving.

And don’t forget to tell them about your new home as you tell them that you’re moving out of your old home. You’ll obvisouly need the same utilities at your new home that you had in your old home.



Clear A Path

Make sure that you clear the driveways and walkways of snow and ice on the day of the move. Failure to provide a clean and safe driveway may result in extra charges for pick up delay.

This also helps prevent you or your movers from slipping and hurting themselves, or possibly damaging any of your valuables. Make sure you leave out the shovel and salt, don’t pack them up til the very end.


Prepare Your Floors

Winter often brings plenty of snow, rain and salt into your home which can potentially damage your floors (especially small rocks on hardwood floors).

Cover your floors with non-slip materials, like cardboard or plastic with grip and tape them down so they don’t move when stepped on.

This will save you from a BIG cleanup later on and possibly prevent any damage or scratches on your floors.


Prepare Your Little Ones

Although they may be excited, you may want to consider leaving your kids and pets with a friend or family member during the day of the move.

The smaller they are, the more dangerous it may be for them and for other people involved in the move, if they’re running around, delaying the whole process.

But worst of all, you’ll have to find a way to keep them entertained or else suffer the “are we done yet?” questions.


Don’t Pack Everything

There are a few things that you do want to hold off on packing up.

For example, if the weather forecast calls for snow, make sure to leave out your shovel and salt or any other snow removal tool you have.

You’ll definitely want to also leave the vacuum, mop and/or broom out to clean up the floors as people walk in and out of the house. A lot of snow and other debris from outside can find their way inside and you don’t want to ruin the floors in your new home (or the old one for that matter). Small debris and rocks can scratch your hardwood floors and water from snow can seep into the hardwood or carpet, potentially causing damage.

A good tip would be to lay some cardboard down and secure it with duct tape so it doesn’t move to protect your floors.


Wear Proper Clothing

Especially if you’re doing the moving, you’ll want to layer up to keep your temperature regulated. It’s not fun to get sick just after moving when you still have a ton of boxes to unpack. Wearing layers will allow you to strip off or add on as needed. 

You’ll also want to dress up as if you’re going to work out. What I mean by that is, to wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move comfortably and not restrict your movement (so put away those tight hipster jeans away for now).  And if you have it, wear shirts that have “moisture wick” technology so your sweat doesn’t stick to you or your shirt.



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