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7 Tips for Choosing the Right House Cleaning Service (Infographic)

7 tips for Choosing a House Cleaning Service

You know a house cleaning service is a great way to free up your schedule without sacrificing having a sparkling clean home. There are also plenty of health benefits associated with living in a clean space. But how do you go about choosing a house cleaning service that’s right for you?

Deciding what’s the best company to do the job is not an easy task. It requires some research and thought. We have gathered in an infographic the seven most important factors to consider when choosing a house cleaning company.

Let’s dive in. (See the complete Infographic)

7 Tips For Choosing A House Cleaning Company

Lessen the Scope - Determine Frequency

1. Lessen The Scope
Don’t need the whole house cleaned? Decide what you want cleaned and look for a company that can customize your cleaning.

2. Determine The Frequency
Consider your needs to determine how often you need house cleaning services. Companies offer monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly services, and also one-time and move-outs appointments. Remember, the more, the better (and cheaper)!

Recommendations and Reviews

3. Ask For Recommendations
You may be surprised at how many of your friends and co-workers use a housecleaning service, so ask them for recommendations. Also, make sure to inquire about referral programs – you and your friend might be rewarded!

4. Look Up Reviews
Look up companies on Google and business review sites and check what customers are saying.

Flat Rate and Guarantee

5. Go For A Flat Rate
When getting a quote, be cautious if they give it to you in “man-hours.” Avoid surprise charges by choosing a company that gives you a flat rate.

6. A Guarantee Is Key
The more reputable house cleaning companies offer you some sort of guarantee, save yourself some headache and choose one that does.

Better Cleaning Experience

7. Choose A Better Cleaning Experience
Finding a company that provides outstanding customer support, eco-friendly cleaning, verified cleaning professionals and offers you a better customer experience is not easy, but it is possible. (*Ahem*, call us!)

*BONUS TIP* Start by getting your free no-obligation quote now!



  1. I thought that it was helpful when you suggested to look at the reviews of a cleaning service before you choose to hire them. We want to get help to keep our home clean this fall while our home is up for sale. When we look for a cleaning service, I will be sure to check their reviews.

  2. I thought that it was helpful when you mentioned the importance of finding a cleaning service that will offer guarantees on their services. My wife and I want to find a cleaning service to help us with our home, so we could get it properly ready to sell. It will be important for us to know that we have found the right service. When we look for one, I will be sure to check if they will offer guarantees.

  3. It really helped when you talked about how often you need your house cleaned. My wife and I are thinking about hiring a house cleaning service because we are at work most of the day and too tired to clean when we get home. I’ll be sure to pass this article along to her to show her the price can vary depending on how often they might be coming out.

    • Scrubbi Author
      Scrubbi Reply

      Hi Jesse! Hope all is well in Virginia. Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions let us know. We’ll be happy to help. 🙂

  4. It really helped when you talked about house cleaning services and how you need to check their client’s reviews. Recently, my wife and I moved into a bigger house, and with our busy schedules, we have trouble keeping it clean. We have some family visiting and staying with us soon, so we think it’d be a good idea to look for a professional to keep our home clean. Thanks for the advice on cleaning services and how to find one for us.

  5. My mother-in-law wants to have her house cleaned professionally. It makes sense to check reviews as you suggested. I’ll help my mother-in-law read online reviews to choose a good house cleaning service.

  6. I like your advice about asking my friends and coworkers for recommendations for a good cleaning service because some of them probably employ one. My husband and I plan on hiring one soon because we will both be too busy to do house chores in the next two months. We want a professional cleaning service to do deep cleaning in our house bi-weekly, so thanks for this.

  7. just wonderful everything you tell us. thank you very much !!

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