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5 Main Reasons to Love Winter

5 Main Reasons to Love Winter

Do you prefer the breath of autumn with all those crunchy leaves and combinations of green, brown, and orange?

Now that we have reached December, we believe that no matter what your favourite season is, you need to embrace the one that you’re in to stay happy and less stressed.

Winter can be fun if you just give it a chance. There are so many great things to do, here are just a few of the reasons to love winter and enjoy the winter season.

1. Appreciating the Beauty of Nature

Scrubbi reasons to love winter- winter forest image

Nature takes on a whole new level of beauty when snow is added to. Winter has a very different beauty to spring, summer or autumn. It’s a stark, less “showy” beauty, with everything covered in a white, glistening frost. With all these different layers of snow, you feel like you’re lost in a pure winter wonderland.

2. Bring out Your Creativity

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Even if you are not one to love Winter itself, you have to admit it’s fun to play in the snow. Your artistic creativity can come alive by building snowmen, castles or just throwing yourself into the snow and making snow angels.

3. Get Outdoors

Scrubbi reasons to love winter- ski image

Ice skating, skiing, snowboarding – you name it. You have got something to do with your friends that doesn’t require staying indoors all the time. So peel yourself away from the couch and TV and get outside!

You also can spend the day at the rink, organize a ski trip, or build a snowman in your own backyard.

4. Hot Food and Drinks

Scrubbi reasons to love winter- coffee cup image

What other time of year is it totally acceptable to indulge in hot chocolate, coffee, or tea followed by comfort food like soups, stews, or chilli? It’s definitely not Summer!

Winter is the best time that you can enjoy a festive feeling in the form of a tummy-warming treat.

5. Festive Season

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This is the time where you can see holiday spirits everywhere from decorations, lights, to celebrations with family, friends, and colleagues. Christmas comes at the end of December, and along with New Year when you can reflect on yourself and make plans for the year ahead.

We are sure that you can easily add more reasons to this list. There is so much to love and here we are now at the start of winter when we can take advantage of it all. Enjoy this reason and all it has to offer!



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