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24-hour Service Guarantee

Our 24 Hour Service Guarantee

At Scrubbi, we stand behind the work of our maids. That’s why every appointment you have with Scrubbi comes with our 24 Hour Service Guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

Scrubbi’s 24 Hour Service Guarantee – If you find that your house is still dirty after one of our house cleaning, simply let us know within 24 hours of your appointment and we’ll send another cleaner to your home, to clean what was missed or not properly cleaned, at no cost to you.

Why can we only offer a guarantee within 24 hours of our service?

Dust, grime, and dirt can build up very quickly in a home, particularly if you have kids and/or pets. So if you notice some dirt on your railings a few days later, it could be because it wasn’t cleaned properly, or it could be because you have some renovations going on, had some unexpected guests come over, you left a door or window open, etc.

There’s a number of variables that can cause dust and dirt to appear in your home and so to be fair we cap it at 24 hours.

How soon can you come back to clean?

The short answer – as soon as possible! We’ve come back to a home a week later and we’ve also come back the next day. It all depends on our schedule and where we have openings, and on your schedule too. On average we’re back within 3-5 days.

What items do you clean around the home?

To see our cleaning checklist for a list of items we clean around the home (and items we don’t) check out our House Cleaning Checklist.

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