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Wait! What are you gonna do with that dryer sheet? You weren’t going to throw that out were you?

There are so many ways to reuse old dryer sheets that you could be saving yourself hundreds of dollars per year if you knew how to reuse them.

Not sure how? No problem, we’ve got 10 Ways that you can Reuse Your Used Dryer Sheets For Cleaning and we even included 8 more for various uses. There’s literally another 20 or 50 more ways you can reuse these surprisingly handy bad boys but we’ve found the best 10 specifically for cleaning just for you. Dryer sheets pack a surprisingly powerful cleaning punch, easily removing soap scum from bathtubs and can quickly shine your chrome faucets and fixtures.


  • Clean Paint Brushes
    Having trouble removing paint off your paintbrushes? Especially when it comes to latex paints, it can be incredibly difficult to get the brush clean. Try placing the paintbrushes in a container of warm water and a used dryer sheet. Within a couple of minutes you’ll be amazed at how easily the paint washes off. 

  • Swiffer Backup
    One of the most innovative and cost effective ways to reuse old dryer sheets is to take them out of the dryer and then use them on your Swiffer mop. The dryer sheets tend to be rather thin, so you may have to use a couple layers to make them more effective. When you use it you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that the used dryer sheets will pick up dirt, dust, and hair off the floor just as well as the Swiffer cloths do. 

  • Dust Your TV or Glass Vases
    One of the great things about dryer sheets is that they keep their anti-static properties even after having been run through the dryer. This makes them ideal for removing dust and other particles from glass TV screens, vases, or any other glass fixture (do not use them if your TV screen is not glass). An added bonus of using a dryer sheet? Some of the anti-static properties of it gets left behind on the glass for a short while which helps to repel dust and keeping the TV or fixtures dust free just a little bit longer.

  • Clean Up Dry Spills
    Just like a Swiffer sheet, dryer sheets are very effective at cleaning up dry, grainy messes. For example, flour on the kitchen floor can be extremely difficult to clean because it’s so fine. Dryer sheets are able to get the flour to stick to it, making the clean-up a lot easier. This works for pretty much any dry, grainy spill and even short hair clippings. 

  • Keep Your Clothes Smelling Laundry Fresh
    Keeping a few dryer sheets in your closet and drawers is a great way to make your clothes smell like they were just in the laundry. All you need is one for the drawer and maybe two or more for your closet, depending on the size of it. Some people choose to use fresh, never-been-used dryer sheets instead of used ones but for me, it feels like a bit of a waste. Plus, you don’t want the laundry fragrance to be overpowering, as if you just stepped out of a human sized dryer. So for economical and social reasons, try to stick to used ones. You can also use this trick for shoes, gym bags, diaper bags, hampers, hockey bags or your car. Basically anywhere there’s a potential for a musty smell.

  • Clean chrome
    Believe it or not, used dryer sheets do an amazing job of cleaning and polishing any chrome surface. Whether it’s your car or your plumbing fixtures (like faucets or shower heads), dryer sheets will make the chrome shine and sparkle.

  • Remove Soap Scum
    And the list of things that dryer sheets can clean keeps growing…You would never imagine using a dryer sheet in a bathroom but luckily someone did and discovered that dryer sheets are amazing at getting rid of soap scum. All it takes is just a few drops of water on a used dryer sheet and you can begin scrubbing away. All the soap scum that’s built up on your shower doors, shower curtains, ceramic sinks, or tiles magically come off with relatively little effort.

  • Crayon Remover 
    We know a family who’s daughter loves to draw with crayons, unfortunately it’s not always on paper. Thankfully, dryer sheets can help you to remove those crayon marks – but only the ones on wood furniture. Be sure not to rub the wood too hard or you may damage the wood finish.If you do get crayons on the walls, make a paste with some baking soda and water and wipe it with a wash rag. There may be some grainy residue which you can then wash off with some warm soap water.

  • Iron Cleaner
    It’s hard enough to iron a dress shirt, now you have to clean it too? No problem, the bottom plate of an iron can easily be cleaned using a dryer sheet. With the setting on low, rub the iron back and forth over the dryer sheet until the water residue disappears. 

  • Bathroom Freshener
    This is a clever little trick to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. Put your used dryer sheet inside the toilet paper roll tube, then hang it on the dispenser. Now, every time you pull out some toilet paper off the dispenser, it will agitate the dryer sheet inside releasing laundry fragrance throughout the bathroom. Not a fan of the laundry smell? Try one of our Do-It-Yourself Air Freshener recipes that we have online for you on our blog.



More great uses for used dryer sheets

Use It As Static Stopper

Use it as a quick solution to stop static cling by rubbing it on the troublesome area.


Use It As Thread Detangler

To prevent tangles, run a threaded needle through a sheet before you begin stitching.


Use It As a Fire Starter


Going camping this summer? Have a wood fireplace? Save those used dryer sheets because they make excellent fire starters. Place the dryer sheets (bonus points for adding dryer lint) inside of an old paper towel or toilet paper roll tube. Fold or pinch each end of the paper roll tube to keep the contents inside.

Voilà! You just made your own fire starter.


Use it As an Insect Repellent

According to the internet (which makes it true, right?), dryer sheets actually help to repel mosquitoes and other bugs. Simply hang some around a door or window, or tuck it in a pocket or belt loop, and you have an instant bug repellent.


Use It to Keep Your Luggage Smelling Fresh

Us common folk don’t get to use our luggage that often so we store it away for safe keeping. The problem is sometimes a musty smell can develop which then transfers onto your clothes. Simply put a used dryer sheet in your luggage to prevent this musty smell and keep your clothes smelling fresh while you travel.

You can also put dryer sheets in tents, sleeping bags, pillows, or in old books.


Vacuum Freshener

For all you multitaskers out there, place a used dryer sheet where the exhaust air is released. As the air makes its ways through the vacuum and releases back into the air, it will pass through the dryer sheet leaving a trail of laundry fresh scent as you go through the house.

**NOTE: Make sure you don’t put the dryer sheet anywhere there is a potential for it to catch fire or clog the vacuum.**


Removing Bugs on Your Windshield

Just place a few drops of water on the used dryer sheet and wipe away. Dead bugs come off your windshield just as easily as they got there.



A great way to add texture to your scrapbook. Colour or paint it then cut it into flower shapes, or use it as a textured background. The bonus is that you’ll have the best smelling scrapbook amongst your friends.


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